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    Victoria Veterinary Clinic is a full service state-of-the-art veterinary facility. Our extensive services include wellness exams, preventative care, dental services, diagnostic services, surgical procedures, laser surgery, ultrasound, radiology, behavioral consultations and nutritional counseling. Our clinic features an on-site laboratory as well as an in-house pharmacy, which help us to diagnosis and treat our patients quickly and accurately.

    At Victoria Veterinary Clinic we provide veterinary service to a wide variety of animals including dogs and cats, rabbits, ferrets and pocket pets. Our goal is to provide our beloved patients with the best available veterinary care while also offering our clients superior service. For the past several decades we have worked hard to build a team of highly skilled professionals who are well qualified to assist you and your pet with all of your veterinary needs.

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    Wellness & Prevention

    Regular wellness visits and preventative care are the cornerstones of your pet’s good health. Our comprehensive wellness programs cover annual physical examinations, required vaccinations, routine dental check-ups, preventative deworming and senior programs to help minimize and prevent future illness and disease. We want to work with you to ensure that your pet enjoys a long, healthy and happy life.


    Diagnostics, such as blood tests, urinalysis and x-rays, allow us to go below the surface to identify and diagnose possible health conditions in your pet and to quickly and efficiently develop and administer the appropriate course of treatment. Victoria Veterinary Clinic offers a range of comprehensive diagnostic services including radiology, ultrasound, in-house laboratory and on-site pharmacy which help us to better care for and treat our patients.


    Victoria Veterinary Clinic offers our patients the best veterinary surgical services available. Our highly skilled and well-trained staff uses up-to-date surgical and anesthesia equipment and techniques to deliver safe, efficient surgery. Our surgical procedures include both routine surgeries, such as spaying and neutering, and more complex soft tissue and fracture repair procedures, each carefully monitored with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind.


    Healthy teeth and gums play a pivotal role in your pet’s overall health, wellbeing and longevity of life. Preventable dental conditions such as plaque, tartar and gingivitis can develop into periodontal disease which can lead to a host of other serious diseases. The dental team at Victoria Veterinary Clinic is skilled in providing a variety dental services including preventative care, cleaning, polishing, x-rays and tooth extraction and will work with you to help your pet achieve good oral health for life.

    Behavior Consultation

    Is your pet exhibiting strange or unwanted behavior? The staff at Victoria Veterinary Clinic can help! Our experts are trained in a variety of behavior modification techniques and will gladly work with you to help overcome any issues your pet may have. We can accommodate you through a number of services including individual consultations, detailed follow ups and modification plans designed specifically to address your pet’s unwanted behavior.

    Nutritional Counseling

    A proper diet and regular exercise are important components of your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. Obesity can lead to a number of other serious health conditions and may even shorten the length of your pet’s life. The Victoria Veterinary Clinic offers a wide selection of specially designed pet food, as well as access to the latest in nutritional information needed to help your pet achieve and maintain a healthy weight and balanced diet.

    Cat Boarding

    In addition to the comprehensive veterinary medical care and services we provide, Victoria Veterinary Clinic also offers cat boarding services for our feline friends.